Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Cutest Delay EVER!

Hey everybody! I hope you're having a great day in your world. My world is pretty awesome today, I must say. Except for one. little. thing. That one little thing would be my dog, Ducky. I love and adore him. More than I should. He's the wind beneath my wings. Okay, maybe not, but he's pretty special. 'Cuz he's the cutest, yes he is! Who's a cute boy?! And he has, like, a million nicknames. Nubbin McStubbin, Little Legs, Duckroll, Duckmunch, Duck Dynasty, Duckadoodaloo, Roly Poly Pumpkin, Short Round, Happy Duck, Long Duck Dong, just to name a few. Oh, and my personal favorite, Dorky. Our other dog's name is Daisy and we call her Dizzy. So, there's a non-stop loop of "The Dizzy and Dorky Show" at my house. And I mean 24-7, people.

Just look at that sweet, happy, Fuzzy Face that is always - and I mean ALWAYS -smiling.

Macaroni Toes has decided, for some unknown reason, to start "marking" my new rug. Yep, the chevron rug that I love so much. Maybe he enjoys seeing me lose my mind over a stupid rug, who knows? I have a very sensitive nose and I knew he had marked somewhere Tuesday when I was collapsed on the floor after doing an exercise video. But that's another story for another day. So, I sniffed around, found the spot, and set about cleaning it up. Then about an hour later, that little Poofy Sploot went and cocked his leg on my rug again RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! I admit, I did lose it a little. Geez, Turkey Leg, you can't even wait until I leave the room to deface my beloved rug??!! Anyway, I yelled at him and he went slinking off to a corner to pout. After I cleaned it up, I retreated to my chair to pout too. He knew he was in trouble, so he didn't venture too close. But he did lie down across from me where I couldn't avoid looking at the Nugget.

Monkeyduck didn't take his eyes off of me for probably an hour, telepathically willing me to forgive him and allow him back into my lap. Either that, or he was trying to seduce me. Not sure. He's such a Sexy Sausage.

I eventually relented and all was well, until I noticed yesterday that Hobbit Feet had done it several other places too! So, before I can finish my LR re-do, I need to get this rug outside and hose it off and clean it really well. You see, I was smart for once and bought an indoor/outdoor rug for this very reason - you never know what might happen when you have pets! Now I just have to figure out how to keep Sir Ducksworth from doing it again once I bring it back inside. All helpful tips suggestions welcome and appreciated, my friends. I'm still mad though...

Who am I kidding? All is forgiven...who could stay mad at that cute little Poofy McPantaloons?!

Seriously folks, if you have any suggestions on how to keep the little Bologna Snatcher from soiling my rug, I would be forever grateful! Hopefully, I'll get it taken care of tomorrow and get back on track with my LR re-do and be able to post the final reveal soon. Hope you caught ALL the nicknames!


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