Monday, September 23, 2013

Halloween Pretties and I'm Famous!!!

Just kidding. Not really "famous", okay? But I've had one of my posts featured for the first time on another blog! Abby at Just A Girl And Her Blog included my owl wreath in her "Get Your DIY On" linky party. She chose it as one of her favorite submissions and I'm just super excited about it, so go check it out! And people please, no autographs. ;)

The craft show was kind of a bust on Saturday. It was rainy and dreary, which is never good even if the show's inside, and the show was in a new location this year. Maybe people just didn't know about it, who knows? But I did make a whopping $53.00 and I'm gonna try not to spend it all in one place. The owl wreath that I made to sell was the first thing I sold, so I think those cuties were a hit. I actually sold ALL of the owl items that I had. So now I'm on the hunt for more owls... We had a lot of new Halloween items that are really cute too and I took some pictures to share.

A gorgeous wreath that my partner made and some really cute witch pictures.  And, of course, a snowman for good measure!

A giant bowl for Halloween candy and some darling Halloween garlands.  Creepy hand was just for effect - not for sale!

A feathery crow wreath and my Boo! owl.  A sweet little girl got the owl to hang on her front door!

Spooky crow on a stand.  Cute and creepy at the same time!

The skull looks like a monkey - his teeth are weird.  The creepy crow again and some bottles of poison and witches brew.

A fall platter that I stenciled and a few other fall things.

More bottles of poison and witches brew and a sparkly poison sign.  Poison goes down easier with a little bling, ya know!

Well, the good thing about not selling a lot at Saturday's show is that I don't have to break my neck trying to make more stuff for the next show! I have two weeks to do a little at a time - whatever creative idea hits me. My craft space in the garage looks like a tornado tore through it, so that's what I'll be working on tomorrow on my day off. If I get brave, I'll post some "before" pictures so you can see what a slob I am when I'm getting ready for a show! On second thought, every girl always needs to keep an air of mystery about her, so maybe I'll just post the "after" shots. Have a great day everybody and stay happy!


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