Monday, September 23, 2013

Last Minute Post

I had a little free time this afternoon, so I thought I'd introduce all of my pets to you. Yes, we have a miniature zoo in our house, but what the heck, the more the merrier, right? You've all heard about Ducky, that little rascal, but the others are characters too. So, without further adieu...

Y'all remember Ducky, yes?

Here he is on his first trip to the beach last Thanksgiving.  At dinner, he said he was thankful for birds to chase and waves to catch.

This is Daisy hanging close on the porch with Mama.  She's a pound puppy.  The adoption fee was $107 and I had exactly $107 in cash in my purse, so it was totally meant to be.  She's been a great dog and she and Ducky adore each other.

Look at that funny little face.  Daisy Dooks!

Watching election night coverage with Mama.  Daisy's a Republican and she wasn't as happy with the results as Mama was.

This is Fonzie, aka Fat Louie.  He just luuuuuvs it when Mama holds him hostage on her lap.  We'v had him since the Bub was four years old - he was a birthday gift. He gets along with everyone in the house and loves to hang out with us when we're taking showers. Definitely everybody's favorite because he's floofy, soft, and sweet.

Dooks and Fat Lou - "May we help you?"

This is Bean, aka Beanie Bagga Donuts.  She is a grouchy little thing and has a pretty bad attitude with almost everyone in the house except for Daisy.  She does have sweet moments, but they are not a daily occurence.  We love her anyway though!

She is definitely the Bub's girl.  He can do just about anything to her and she's okay with it.  He has the magic touch. But that look on her face - I can't quite tell what it is. It's either "I love you sooo much" or "I'm gonna kill you in your sleep".

And last, but not least, this is Ginger.  We call her G-Money because she came from the mean streets of Ardmore Farms (our neighborhood).  She is blind in one eye and has tons of street cred.  Tiny for her age of seven years, she packs a mean punch.  Just ask Daisy - she's terrified of her!  She pretty much lives under our bed, ready to pounce at anyone who enters her territory.

But with us, she's super sweet and loving.  When I'm curled up in a chair or in bed, she has to be right up in my face, as close as she can get, so that I can't breathe.  She's my baby girl for sure.

That's a lot of pets, you say? It is, but they bring so much joy and laughter to our home that we just don't know what we'd do without them. I think the Bub might have a hard time when he goes off to college. It will be the first time he's ever lived without a pet in his whole life. That just means he'll have to coe home more though, so I'm okay with that! Besides, they say people with pets have lower blood pressure and live longer. I've got to get a cat for my Mom and Dad!Tell me about your pets and what they mean to you in the comments - I'd love to hear all about them.


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