Monday, September 16, 2013

Spare Bedroom Progress

Hey y'all! So...what do you think about the new look for my page? Do you love it? I certainly do! I'm so pleased with the way it turned out. I never could have done it by myself, so many thanks are due to my new friend Casey at! If you have a blog and are thinking about fancying up your page or are ready to start a blog, Casey is great to work with and she's the real deal. I mean, just LOOK at my page!

So, I promised y'all a look at my spare bedroom. I got a pretty good start on it yesterday, but my two muscle men were both gone most of the day, so I didn't get it all done - I needed some help with some heavy pieces of furniture. Normally, I would just bite the bullet and move it all myself, but I have a sprained wrist that I've been dealing with for a few weeks and I really need it to get better. So, I wait. But here are a few pictures of what I got done - a sneak peek!

I got the curtains hung and I love this pattern. It breaks up all the tan in this room and makes a good accent color.

I love the smell of lavender and this bunch will go on the bedside table. The little Eiffel Tower was purchased on our honeymoon and will go somewhere special in the room.

I painted and distressed this small cabinet to go in this room. Just a little pop of white to brighten things up!

Here's a close up view of the pillows on the bed. I got all of these for $6.00 at a consignment shop and have been saving them for this room. They look pinkish in this picture and I'm not sure why, but they're really more of a burlap color.

And here's the new bed. We got a twin size to save on space and because the only people who will probably sleep in it will be our niece and nephew.  Of course, Ginger had to check it out and do her final inspection.  I'm assuming it was approved since she slept on it all afternoon!  It's still a work in progress - I don't like the bed pillows showing, so I think I'll get a couple of white European pillows to go behind the decorative ones and I need to find a pretty white bedskirt too. The quilt was a bargain at only $20.00.

It's not quite finished, but it's getting there. I always have such BIG plans to get so much done on the weekends, but you know what they say about the best laid plans...I'll have better pictures for the final reveal - I took these at night and just couldn't get the setting right. I want to hurry and get all of my projects finished so I can really enjoy Fall, my most favorite time of the year, which is way too short in my opinion!

Have a great Monday everybody and I'll see you soon!


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