Monday, September 9, 2013

I'll Choose To Be Thankful

Gorgeous shade trees. 82 degrees. A light breeze and low humidity. Saturday was a perfect day for a sale...or so you would think. Although it was a lovely day to be outside, it turned out to be a rotten day to sell. I made $35.00. Now, I'm not complaining - that's $35.00 more than I had when I started, right? These sales are pretty much a crap shoot - you never truly know what to expect. You might make $5.00, you might make $500.00. I'm seriously looking forward to the day when I make $500.00! This time nobody was buying anything, at all, from anybody. People weren't even really looking, which is unusual. Anyway, the space was free and we got free lunch, so that was a plus. But setting up a tent and all of our wares, then trying to sell for hours is a lot of hard work. It's really discouraging when you don't sell much, but there were some people who didn't sell anything at all. So I'll choose to be thankful for what I did sell and hope for better luck next time.

I took some pictures of our booth, showing the types of things we make and sell. We didn't bring all of our best stuff or very many Fall items - we're saving those for bigger sales coming up. But here's a little peek...

This is one of our disply tables.  It shows a good variety of the types of things we make.

Another small display table.

Another display table.  This table held all of our chalkboard trays - these are very popular.
We sell a lot of empty frames.  These are all white shabby chic style.

More shabby chic frames.

Beautiful decoupaged bird bowl.

Love that big pineapple.

A chalk/pegboard made from an old window and a giant fork and spoon.
Burlap utensil display.

Blue utensil display.

Paris tray, trophy cup, and tiny chalkboard tray.
Gold chalkboard.  Cute kitty, you say?  It's the ONLY thing I can draw!

Burlap magnet board.

Chicken wire memo boards/jewelry holders.

At our next show, we'll have lots of Fall and Halloween items. My FAVORITE time of year. I'll post info about the sale when it gets closer - it's still a couple of weeks away. In the meantime, I have to get really busy making things for Christmas. Santas and sleighs and snowmen, oh my! Thanks for stopping by - I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed reading about mine.


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