Friday, August 9, 2013

Southern By The Grace Of God

Today I'd like to share a quote that really speaks to how I feel about being from the South. Despite our sordid past with slavery, I am still proud to be Southern because of all the other wonderful things our region represents - like old fashioned values, down home country cookin', lazy summer days, family farms, sweet tea and sweeter accents, church revivals and vacation bible school, and my absolute favorite - our unique Southern sayings. I've never heard anybody else say this, but one time my Granny told me and my cousin that if we didn't stop laughing so loud she was "gonna paint our back porches red"! That meant we were fixin' to get a whoopin'!

Anyway, this is a beautiful old quote from a Tennessee senator from long ago and I love it. I hope you enjoy it too!

The South

To that land;
every drop of my blood,
every fiber of my being,
every pulsation of my heart,
is consecrated forever.
I was born of her womb;
I was nurtured at her breast;
and when my last hour shall come,
I pray that I may be pillowed upon
her bosom and rocked to sleep
within her tender and encircling arms.

- Edward Carmark

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