Friday, August 30, 2013

My Do Not Disturb Saturday Turned To Thrifting Heaven!

What a great thrifting day I ended up having last weekend! Sleeping in Saturday morning didn't go exactly as planned since my Daddy woke me up bright and early to tell me about some yard sales he saw on his way into town. I tried to go back to sleep, really I did, but those yard sales just kept calling my name. And I had seen on the news Friday night that one of the local Catholic churches was having a rummage sale, so that was on my mind too. So what's a girl to do? Get up and head out to hunt for treasures, of course!

I didn't find much at the two yard sales, an old copy of Les Miserables and some tacky plastic owls. I DO have a plan for the tacky owls, trust me. I'll post about the final owl creations later when I get them done. But the rummage sale at St. Leo's, now that was a different story! They were winding down by the time I got there and were offering boxes for $5. You could get a box of clothes for $5 or a box of books for $5 or a box of household goods for $5, but not a mixture of things. Except for me, that is! You see, I was wearing a Saints t-shirt as usual and one of the older gentlemen from the church came up to me and asked about my shirt. His son is the GM for the minor league baseball team in New Orleans, the Zephyrs. We talked for a while about how much we both love New Orleans and just had a good talk and a few laughs. Then he tells me I can have a box of any combination of things I want for $4 just because I'm such a sweet girl! **Blush** He wasn't flirty or creepy or anything, just a really lovely man. So I loaded up a medium sized box of stuff and you'll never believe what all I got for $4...

This is an old New Testament from WWII, an old book of poetry from 1913, and a beautiful metal scrollwork bowl that I thought was pretty.

I picked up this box of odd ornaments mainly because the gold ones are really old and have a great vintage patina. I might sell them or I might use them in my own Christmas display at home.

This is a gen-u-ine Coach purse that I got in my $4 box. It's nothing very special, but a nice dressy purse to carry when wearing a black dress or outfit. I like classic designs anyway and this one will never go out of style.

I love this old crate. It was filthy, but a little vacuuming and cleaning fixed it right up. The colors on the label look great in my living room and I can use it to store my overabundance of decorating magazines!

This flag is so old, it's almost dry rotted, but I love the dingy color. The books are over 100 yeas old and they are Polish Catholic hymnals, published in Krakow in 1908. I'm not Catholic, but I thought they were beautiful and I'm sure the hymns are similar in meaning from religion to religion and language to language. And the measuring cups, I just thought they were cute!

Another fork and spoon set! I painted them this pretty blue and will have them in my booth at the next craft show I do. They have tiki monster-looking faces on them, but the paint softens them and they look super cute hanging in a kitchen.
The Bub loves this globe. It's so old, some of the countries either don't exist anymore or they're named something entirely different now. I have a feeling it may end up in his room!

This little treasure is a handmade toy dresser. It's old and dirty, but I couldn't resist it. I think I'll put some cute little knobs on it and paint it pink to sell.

This frame was bright, shiny red with a purple outline. That had to go! I've painted it ivory and will distress it a little so some of the red shows through and make a Christmas tray out of it to sell. It will be nice and festive!

I'm going to put a vintage silver bottle brush tree in this urn with some spanish moss around the base of the tree. I know I'm going to love it and want to keep it for myself!

And now, for the tacky owls...they're so ugly, they're cute aren't they??!! And they're plastic too! I'm going to paint them and make something cool for Fall with them. One for me and one to sell! I hope they turn out as cute as I think they will!

Well, now it's the weekend again already and I'm sure I'll do a little hunting for treasures again somewhere over the holiday. Or maybe I should just stay home and work on things I already have so I can have some Fall and Christmas stuff to sell at upcoming shows...yes, that sounds like a better idea. Whatever you choose to do this weekend, I hope it's lovely. Happy Labor Day!


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