Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Break In The Organizing Process

It's almost the weekend y'all!  I've gotten two of the closets on my list done and will tackle the rest next week.  I was planning to post photos of the closets today, but they really just didn't turn out great.  The pictures, I mean, not the closets- the closets look soooo much better!  I couldn't seem to manage any good pictures of them.  Oh well, maybe I'll try again.  Anyways...on to my weekend plans!

Home improvement: Blond woman painting wall
This will be me...ALL weekend

I'm a little excited to take a break from the organizing for a few days, but mostly because today is my Friday. I'm taking the day off work tomorrow and I'm heading to the beach to work on the beach house.  My husband's family has an oceanfront house and I'm going down to paint at least one of the bathrooms and maybe get a start on the other one.  I don't mind going alone - it's peaceful there in the winter.  It's a challenge to paint the walls in this house because the wood paneling is very rustic and the texture is so rough. It also drinks up a lot of paint.  We've done a lot of work on this house the past few years.  It hadn't been updated at all since the 80's and it was pretty horrible.  A family friend, Jennifer, and I finally convinced my mother-in-law to let us do some redecorating and updating and it has turned out great.  My post Monday will be the before and after photos of the beach house, but for now I'd like to leave you with a taste of the beautiful place I'm going...

This is not photoshopped, I promise.  This was right after a hurricane two Augusts ago.  Thank goodness we didn't get any major damage - just a few missing shingles.  We were heading over the inlet bridge to start back home after un-boarding the house and this gorgeous sunset just took my breath away.  I made the Hub stop so I could get out and take this picture.  The colors were exactly this red and purple and I've never seen anything like it.

Down the steps and take the path through the sea grass to the beach.

The view from our boardwalk on a cold Fall evening.  We're so lucky to have this place and we pray hard every year for no hurricanes.  Fingers crossed for another hurricane-free year in 2014!

I will see y'all when I get back from my "working vacation".  At least I'll get to see my friend and eat some amazing crabcakes!  I hope everyone has a great weekend - stay warm!


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