Friday, July 11, 2014

A Last Minute Laundry Room Project

Hey y'all - Happy Friday!  Hope you've all had a great week.  I've been so busy trying to get lots of inventory built up for when we move into our booth space at Key City Antique Mall and Shops.  Even I'm surprised at how much I've gotten accomplished because I'm usually such a procrastinator - I create better when I'm under pressure or on a deadline.  And I managed to get a lot done despite the last minute laundry room project we tackled last Saturday.

So here's how this story goes....about three months ago, the Hub saw a little sketch I had done of an idea I had for the laundry room and he really liked it, but that was the last mention that was made of it.  I still had it in the back of mind though as something I'd like to do eventually.  Well, last Saturday, the Hub woke up and declared "Today is the day we re-do the laundry room!" - just like that, out of the blue!  Now I'm no fool - I know when he offers to help me with a project, I'd better jump on it before he changes his mind!  So off we went to look for the materials we needed....

Here's the only before picture I could find of my laundry room and of course, it's a bad one.  I guess I just don't regularly snap pics of the dumping ground it had become - go figure?  And as usual, I forgot to take any pictures until we were nearly done painting and rearranging.  But here it is in some of it's mustard-colored glory...

Not much detail, I know...sorry.  But look how cute those fat kitties are!  The room was painted a color that came from the Oops bin at Home Depot.  All of my laundry and household supplies were crammed on the shelves of the baker's rack and it also served as the cat's feeding station.  We have to keep the food up high enough that the dogs can't get to it or they will devour every morsel.  My washer and dryer were stacked on the other side, making for a very tight fit.  It was pretty ugly and like I said, a dumping ground for everything my family couldn't shove anywhere else.  It's not completely finished yet, but I just couldn't wait to show it off!

First, we purchased paint, stain, two unfinished wall cabinets, and a hollow door from Home Depot.  Hollow door, you ask? Why yes - it will make a wonderful countertop since we're doing this on less than a shoestring budget and it only cost $28.00!  Plus, the counter needed to be 33" to cover the appliances and standard counters are only 25 or so inches.  I started by painting over the mustard yellow with the color Rain Wash from Behr. We unstacked the washer and dryer and placed the door on top after I stained it a lovely shade of gray.  I wasn't sure how the stain color would look, but it turned out exactly like I wanted and I love the color with the blue walls. Hanging the cabinets was a challenge because of something to do with the studs - still not sure what the Hub's issue was, but he got it done with the Bub's help.  The cabinets were $75.00 each, the door was dirt cheap, and the only other things I bought were the jars for the laundry pods and Oxyclean and that adorable laundry basket from Home Goods.  All in all, it cost us about $207.00 to do this little makeover and I think it looks pretty good!

So without further adieu...what do you think so far?

Umm, disregard the laundry detergent and cookbooks...the cabinets will get painted this weekend and the doors put on.  I'm not about to have open cabinets in here!  I will be on the lookout for more attractive containers for the pet food - maybe some tin buckets from IKEA.  This still has to be the cat's feeding station and they are having a harder time hauling their fat selves up because it's higher than the old baker's rack. Oh well, they need the exercise, right?  

There are still a few little decorative touches left to do, like the cutest laundry room signs that I'm making. The washboard is a really old one that I've had for a long time. The white tin holds fabric softener sheets and of course, I have to have a little bowl for all the spare change I find - Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers! Also, the tiny lamp is an awesome little night light.  We're thinking about removing the doors altogether now that it's going to look so lovely.  I know I'm going to love having this surface to fold clothes on too and I've warned my family that this is NOT going to be their catch-all spot!  You don't have that problem at your house, do you?  I didn't think so :)...

Have a great weekend, my sweet readers, and stay tuned for final pictures of the project!

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