Friday, October 4, 2013

My Crazy Week

Hey Y'all! This week has been the week from you-know-where. Yes, h-e-DOUBLE hockey sticks, my friends. Work has been especially stressful due to some employee vacations and end of the month deadlines, as well as having to deal with an unruly Russian doctor who has taken over one of our office spaces. She's made my life miserable. And add to that: two arguments with the Hub about Obamacare and just dealing with his general foul mood lately. But, we're all entiled to be in foul moods sometimes, right? So we've agreed to disagree about Obamacare and are moving on from that. I'm also getting ready for a big two-day craft show in Asheboro, NC this weekend and was rushing around last night getting things ready when I seriously suh-liced my finger wide open on a Swiss army knife. Blood everywhere. Me worried about infection. This was at 11pm and the Hub was already in bed. Rather than go to the ER, we steri-stripped it and hoped for the best. That sucker throbbed all night long and is SUPER sore today. That's going to slow me down setting up our booth tonight, I'm sure. I'm tired of this week and am ready for a new one!

Like I said, the show is big this weekend. There's a street festival in Asheboro that's in it's 41st year and we're really excited to be a part of it for the first time. Our last two shows have been major busts, so please keep your fingers crossed that we do well. I'll have lots of pictures next week since I've made a few last minute things for this show - a really cool chair/stool painted in a grainsack pattern and an adorable little table with a honey bee stencil that I can't wait to show you! So wish me luck and definitely come out and see me in downtown Asheboro if you're in the area.


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