Friday, October 18, 2013

Feelin' Puny

Hey Y'all. I've been feelimg kind of puny for a couple of weeks now and couldn't quite put my finger on exactly why I didn't feel so hot. But I had craft shows to do, so I kept going, hoping I would get to feeling better. I've had Insulin Dependant Diabetes since I was a teenager, so I always try to be careful about getting sick. To make a long story short, two mornings of blood sugars near 400 and I knew I'd better get to the doctor. It turns out I have had a UTI, probably all this time. No symptoms except not feeling quite right and eventually my blood sugar tipped me off to an infection of some sort. The worst part though, has been the antibiotic. I have what's called Multiple Antibiotic Allergy Syndrome - they think it's an autoimmune response in the body just like Diabetes is. There are few antibiotics I can take that don't give me hives or cause full-blown anaphylaxis. That's not good for a diabetic. So for my problem, I was given an antibiotic that I'm not allergic to, but which makes me sick on my stomach. And when I say sick, I mean VERY sick. I've been laying around in bed a lot this week because getting up and moving around makes it worse. I did try to work a couple of half days, but just couldn't make it all day. I can work through pain and most other illnesses, but nausea makes me totally worthless and non-functional. Yesterday was the worst - on top of the nausea and vomiting, I was sweaty but freezing even though I didn't have a fever, and I couldn't stop shaking for like three hours. So I got on the horn to the doctor. They changed my antibiotic to something else that's not as strong and that I'll have to take for ten days instead of five. Today, I'm still fighting the nausea and the chills/sweating, but it's not as bad. I hope it's just the old antibiotic still working its way out of my system and that I don't have to feel like this for another week.

Anyway, here's been my silver lining...

Yes, it's Sir Howard Ducksworth of Yonder Winston-Salemshire (I did not make up that name - the Bub did, I swear),RN. The RN stands for Registered Nugget. He has barely left my side all week. Only to go outside with the Hub to play football for a little while in the evenings. He has snuggled with me when I've had chills, given me sweet little hugs (yes, my dog "hugs" me), and plenty of soft licks to let me know he's taking good care of me. His skills are quite impressive, I must say. But I'm ready for him to get back to his usual lack of responsibility and for me to be back on my feet. Fingers (and paws) crossed for the new antibiotic to be more gentle on my stomach!


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