Monday, August 4, 2014

I Love Lamp

Yes, that's right.  I said I love lamp.  And I'm not just quoting Anchorman here.  I am a lamp freak.  I see them all tacky and unloved at yard sales and out thrifting, and I just can't resist bringing them home.   My favorite kind of lamp is one that costs next to nothing.  That's how I just KNOW it's going to be a treasure! I've found so many cool ones lately and have been working on getting them ready to go in our booth at Key City Antique Mall and Shops.  We're scheduled to open September 1st, and I am SUPER excited!  Today, I thought I'd give y'all a preview of the lamps I have ready so you can tell me what you think.  Sorry, once again, I neglected to take a before picture of almost all of them.  You can attribute it to the fact that I have no less than 84,000 work, home, and craft projects all going on at the same time on any given day.  And then there's the little issue of my advancing age.

And now, for lamps galore....

This cutie was just a dollar :) at the Rescue Mission and I had this charming little chevron shade already. I kinda liked the tarnished brass on the base, so I left it and just painted the wood with CeCe Caldwell's Simply White and then aged it with a little dark wax.  It's only about 14" tall with the shade.  Love it!

And this lamp is plastic, believe it or not.  It was ugly brown plastic to be exact and I think I paid $3.00 for it - I thought the design on it was cool.  I painted the base with the same Simply White chalk paint, but didn't sand it or wax it.  It gives it a little bit of a rough texture and I like it.  I found the perfectly good linen-like drum shade at Goodwill for $2.00 and I think they look pretty sweet together - subtle color and very neutral.

A very tall one, probably 28" with the shade.  I bought it because I loved the design on the lamp - it looks kind of like micah to me or those really thin opaque shells you find at the beach.  The base, which I thought was brass was pretty gross, a little rusty-ish and filthy dirty.  I cleaned it up and uncovered the neatest teal blue patina where it had oxidized, proving the base to be copper rather than brass.  Score!  I had bought the bird lampshade for my living room and it just wasn't quite right, so I thought it might look nice on this lamp and I think I was right.  What do you think?

I found this one at a thrift store and paid $1.98 for it.  It was pretty ugly and I wasn't sure if it would take paint or not because it was made of a bisque-like ceramic.  The texture reminded me of a sand dollar or a sea biscuit and it actually painted up really nicely.  I used American Paint Company's Liberty paint on the lamp base, which gave it that beachy hue that I love.  The shade came off of the next lamp I'm about to show you and I think they look great together.

Isn't this a beautiful white lamp?  I just love the shape of it and the designs in the ceramic.  It's the most expensive lamp in this menagerie, coming in at a whopping $4.00!  The Hub said "Cool it, big spender!!". Whatever.  I'm not planning on painting or changing it because I don't think it would add anything to the lamp.  The burlap-ish shade that came with it looked terrible on such a dainty, feminine lamp but I knew it would probably be perfect for the beachy lamp I was working on :).  I just need help figuring out the right shade for this one. Do I go for a plain white shade for a monochromatic look?  Should I try to give it a more modern twist, or go with something girly and floral?  Here's the "modern twist" shade I have in my stash, but I'm thinking it's a no-go...

Well, I believe that's all the lamp love I have for you today.  Let me know what you think about the shade for the white lamp in the comments, and of course, any thoughts or suggestions are always welcome!  Have a great one, lovely people!


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