Thursday, February 6, 2014

Can I Get A Little Love?

Hey Y'all! Hope you've all been having a lovely week so far. I've been really busy with work and am so looking forward to the weekend. I did take a quick trip to IKEA Tuesday to get a couple of things and spent a couple hours browsing at The Depot in Concord, NC. Saw some cute Valentine's decor and plenty of chippy and rusty goodness to add to my wish list. I love that place and am dying to have a booth there, but it's just too expensive for me right now. But a girl can walk around and dream, right?

Meanwhile, LOVE is in the air at my house right now. I've been doing a little Valentine's decorating. "Little" is the operative word here - I don't go overboard with Valentine's Day, just a touch of lovey-dovey as you come into the house and some pretties in the entryway. This year, I'm decorating on the fly since I can't get to any of my decorations in the storage barn. Our backyard is off limits right now due to the swamp situation. Shoot, I'm just gonna go ahead and tell it like it is - we now live on our very own piece of waterfront property. Or as we like to call it, Lake Lavender. We are getting close to a solution we think - fingers, toes, eyes - everything is crossed hoping we can get this fixed soon. Maybe I can trudge through the dankness to get out there this weekend. But for now, I have managed to plant a little heart garden by the front door...

Here's the little bit I've done in the entryway. The garlands were made from a kit that I got from Micheal's. And the "all you need is LOVE" was inspired by a post I saw on 320 Sycamore a couple of weeks ago.

Now, if I can just stay out of that candy that I pass by so many times a day, I'll be okay!